Individual remedial tuition offered at this practice focuses on the acquisition and establishment of the basic skills in spelling, reading and mathematics for primary school learners.

It primarily involves learners from mainstream education who have not sufficiently benefited from tuition in a group learning environment. It does however not exclude learners with special educational needs who may also benefit from the services offered.

In order to determine the nature of a specific learning problem in spelling, reading and/or mathematics, a comprehensive assessment is necessary prior to remedial tuition. This will include one or more of the following:

  • Interview with parent(s)
  • Psychometric assessment of:
    - Cognitive development
    - Visual perceptual skills
    - Reading, spelling and mathematical proficiencies
  • Feedback interview with parents
  • Written report to parent(s) on the outcome of the assessment

Remedial tuition is offered once or twice a week in 45 minutes sessions.

The path to alcohol and drug dependency starts with experimentation. You or a loved one may have tried drugs out of curiosity, because friends were doing it, or in an effort to erase another problem.

The substance seems to solve the problem and make life better. As the addiction progresses, getting and using the drug becomes more and more important and your ability to stop is compromised. What begins as a voluntary choice turns into a physical and psychological need.

GOOD NEWS: Addiction is treatable

Do you have a substance abuse problem?

  • Do you feel like you can’t stop, even if you wanted to?
  • Do you ever feel bad or guilty about your drug abuse?
  • Do you need to use drugs to relax or feel better?
  • Do your friends or family members complain or worry about your drug use?
  • Do you hide or lie about your drug use?
  • Have you ever done anything illegal in order to obtain drugs?
  • Do you spend money on drugs that you really can’t afford?
  • Do you ever use more than one recreational drug at a time?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions, you may have a drug problem.

At this practice you can be guided towards specialised medical and psychological help required for your specific problem.

Treatment can be:

  • On an out patient basis
  • Admission to a rehabilitation centre